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Journey of Questions and Faith: A Passover Haggadah

By Anne D. McGoey

Illustrations by Arthur Sussman
Foreword by Rabbi Joseph Black

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» Paperback: 102 pages
» Publisher: Educational Services & Publications
» Published Date: February, 2010
» Language: English, Hebrew with transliteration
» ISBN-10: 0971603936
» ISBN-13: 978-0971603936
» Book Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.25 inches
» Shipping Weight: 8.0 ounces
» Price: USD $14.95

For centuries Jewish people have celebrated their liberation from slavery in Egypt with Passover Seders. This contemporary version provides new meaning and insight to this tradition. Through poetic text, rich illustration, and song, Journey of Questions and Faith delivers this ancient story to Jewish or interfaith groups in understandable and relevant words.

Universal themes of freedom, justice, and peace lead participants to reflect on their own values and their choices for right action.

Thought-provoking, minimalist sketches by famous artist Arthur Sussman emphasize the challenging ideas and spiritual focus of this book.

People who are already familiar with the Passover Seder will ask, "What makes this Haggadah different from all the others?" Starting from the traditional usage of four cups that correspond to four promises, this Haggadah also links the four questions of How? What? Where? and When? to the four promises. The pattern of the past, present, and future, which the ancient rabbis had created, has been highlighted with special attention being placed on the future. New and thoughtful ways of interpreting the tradition are woven throughout this Haggadah.

Burning Bush by Arthur Sussman

Comments by Rabbi Paul Citrin

Journey of Questions and Faith: A Passover Haggadah is truly a pillar of fire illuminating new paths to an ancient celebration of freedom. The conceptual framework and fresh insights of this Haggadah create a rebirth of the Pesach experience. Grounded in tradition and reaching deeply into the reservoir of midrash, its elegant language draws the contemporary celebrant to an intimate understanding of the Seder. Journey of Questions and Faith makes Passover observance accessible to the learned and to the novice, to Jew and gentile, leading participants to the promised land of discovery and of deeper searching. [This quote is printed on the back cover of the book.]

Rabbi Paul J. Citrin
Temple Beth-El
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Candles by Arthur Sussman


When I came to Albuquerque 14 years ago, one of the first people I met when I was introduced to my congregation was an eager student of Torah with the unusual name of Anne McGoey. From our first meeting, I was struck by the intensity with which Anne invested all of her spiritual inquiries. I soon discovered that she was a talented poet and writer. The more I got to know her, the more I realized that, although I was her rabbi and teacher, I also was fortunate enough to be her student. Anne's brilliant Haggadah, Journey of Questions and Faith, is more than a simple retelling of the Exodus narrative. Through her use of traditional ritual and modern interpretation, Anne has brought new meaning to the experience of the Passover Seder for people of all faiths and backgrounds. By linking the four cups of wine to four unique questions, Anne has opened new windows of interpretation and understanding.

The Haggadah is more than simply a book of history and ritual. Properly understood, the Passover Seder takes the participant on a journey from slavery to redemption; from wretchedness to restoration. This Haggadah is at the same time a guide book and a journal. It is impossible to read it without looking inward towards our own spiritual journeys.

But, of course this is not merely a book to be read alone. The beauty of the Seder is that it invites all who are present to become fellow-travelers along the way. Those who are given the gift of Anne's questions and faith-journey will be forever changed as a result.

Rabbi Joseph Black
November 2009

Karpas: The Greens by Arthur Sussman

Table of Contents

Foreword — xi
Acknowledgements — xiii
Introduction: What Makes This Haggadah
Different From All Other Haggadot? — xv

Our Service Begins — 1
Kadesh: Setting Apart Sacred Time — 6

The First Cup: Kos Kiddush (Cup of Setting Apart)
The First Question: Where? — 7
Ur'chatz: The First Time To Wash Hands — 10
Karpas: The Greens — 12
Yachatz: Breaking the Middle Matzah — 14
Maggid: Telling the Story — 18
The Four Questions — 18
The Four Children — 21
The Story of the Exodus — 24
The Ten Plagues — 30
In Every Generation — 32
Dayeinu (It would have been enough) — 35
Hallel: Poem of Praise — 36
Passover Symbols — 37

The Second Cup: Kos G'ula (Cup of Redemption)
The Second Question: What? — 38
Rachtzah: The Second Time To Wash Hands — 40
Motzi Matzah: Blessing to Eat Matzah — 42
Maror: Blessing to Eat Maror — 43
Korech: Eat Matzah and Maror Together — 43
Shulchan Orech: The Meal Is Served — 43
Tzafun: Search For the Afikoman — 44
Bareich: Blessing After the Meal — 45

The Third Cup: Kos B'racha (Cup of Blessing)
The Third Question: How? — 46
Kos Eliyahu—The Cup of Elijah — 50
The Waters of Mir'yam's Well — 52

The Fourth Cup: Kos Hartsa-a (Cup of Acceptance)
The Fourth Question: Why? — 54
The Plate of Visions — 56
Hallel: Prayer of Praise — 61
Nirtzah: Conclusion — 62

Appendix A: Passover Seder Checklist For Leaders — 66
Appendix B: About the Songs — 69
Appendix C: The Four Questions — 71
Appendix D: How Do You Pronounce That? — 72
Appendix E: Orange On the Seder Plate — 75
A Note From the Author — 76
In Memory of Arthur Sussman, Artist — 78
End Notes — 80
Resources — 81

Children by Arthur Sussman

Resources for the Songs

The words to songs used in this Haggadah do not have accompanying sheet music. Below are resources that I recommend for finding this music.

I have included words to the song Hinei Mah Tov. After this Haggadah went to print, I learned that Rick Recht created a beautiful arrangement for this traditional song. At you can find his Shabbat Alive Songbook and Shabbat Alive CD. He uses the song by the shortened title, Hinei.

With permission, I used the song by Linda Hirschhorn titled The Circle Chant. This song can be found in her songbook, The Music of Linda Hirschhorn and on her CD titled Roots and Wings. You may want to purchase her CD just to listen to the beautiful blend of a capella female voices. Her website is:

Many Passover songs can be found on the CD and companion Songbook both titled The Journey Continues, by Debbie Friedman. Specific songs in this Haggadah that are found on her recording include Avadim Hayinu, Dayeinu, Eiliyahu Hanavi, Mir'yam Han'viah, and L'Shana Haba-a. Debbie's website is:

Lyrics and music for Salaam/Od Yavo Shalom are by Mosh Ben Ari, arranged and performed by Sheva, reprinted by permission of Sheer Om, producer. This song was recorded on the CD titled Live in Australia, by Globalev World Music Productions. It has become popular among Israeli groups advocating for peace in the Middle East. See: To learn more about Sheva and their vision of working toward peace through music, go to: and On-line recordings of this song can be found in various places such as:,, and several YouTube links.

Rick Recht has also recorded the song Salaam/Od Yavo Shalom on his Shabbat Alive CD and has sheet music for it in the Shabbat Alive Songbook. He has titled his arrangement of the song Salaam/Ki Va Moed. See:

Another Passover Resource

Many families like to create their own Passover Haggadah and Seder rituals. If you are looking for new ideas (beyond what I have presented) then I encourage you to read Marge Piercy's book Pesach for the Rest of Us: Making the Passover Seder Your Own (Schocken Books, New York, 2007). Also see:

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