A Note from the Author about the Publisher:

"Educational Services & Publications" is an imprint (trade name) of Lawrence Publishing.

Lawrence Publishing is owned and operated exclusively by Dr. Linda Lawrence of Phoenix, Arizona:

LindaLawrence.com   or   EdServPub.com

Dr. Lawrence provided her expertise with the publishing industry and process to assist Anne D. McGoey in publishing, Journey of Questions and Faith: A Passover Haggadah. In particular, Dr. Lawrence provided the ISBN number and registration, and assisted in completing various filings with the U.S. Copyright Office, Bowker, and Books in Print. Dr. Lawrence also coordinated the bidding and contracting for the printing of the book.

This author wishes to express her sincere appreciation to Dr. Lawrence for this assistance.

Dr. Lawrence has stipulated that Anne D. McGoey is the sole and exclusive Distributor, Wholesaler and Retailer of the book, Journey of Questions and Faith: A Passover Haggadah. Please do not contact Dr. Linda Lawrence, Lawrence Publishing, or Educational Services & Publications about sales and distribution. Instead, contact Anne McGoey from her website:


Thank you,  Anne D. McGoey